HISTORY is MORE than just names and dates

American Pharoah and the Essence of the Triple Crown

Here is an article that discusses the relationship between history and horse racing.


American Pharoah winning the Kentucky Derby

In 1973, The United States was in turmoil. Between the long and arduous Vietnam War, and the controversial Watergate scandal, Americans were left listless. The country needed a common figure they could rally around in order to reinvigorate their convictions and their morale. The answer was found in a majestic colt named Secretariat. With his red coat, blue and white silks, and a strong will and sense of determination, Secretariat embodied American pride. On the first Saturday of May in 1973, Secretariat captured the country’s attention when he easily won the Kentucky Derby. Only two weeks later on May 19, he won the Preakness Stakes in easy fashion. Finally, on June 9, less than three weeks after President Nixon revealed his involvement in the Watergate scandal, Secretariat secured his place in history, by winning the Belmont Stakes by an amazing 31 lengths. It was hands down, the most perfect display…

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